Owning a horse, pony, or mini horse is extremely expensive, time consuming, requires proper space and area.  Over the last several years, horse ownership has declined for these reasons.  But now there is a brand new idea of share holding a horse, pony, or mini horse for a fraction of the price with all the same excitement!


My Own Pony, LLC is designed to give all children the opportunity to own* a pony or horse or mini - horse.  Children of all ages may want to own a pony or horse or mini-horse but may not have the opportunity.  We will bring this opportunity to life!  We offer packages that invite children and their families to have the experience of owning their own* pony without all the responsibility.  We have different packages that allow share holding (see contract for further details) of a pony or horse or mini-horse.  This is an opportunity that in the past has not been available because it did not exist.  Now, that has all changed - every child can own* a pony!!!

Share Holding is giving the opportunity to children who don't have the opportunity to physically own a pony, horse, or mini-horse. 

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 "Every child should own* a pony that every parent should not have to take care of!"